The Lost 10 Tribes and The Messianic Hebrew Movement

How the Kingdom of Israel became the “Lost 10 Tribes”

lost 10 tribes
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One cannot explain the Messianic Hebrew Movement without first knowing the history of the Two Houses of Israel and how they came into being. And knowing that unto this day they are separated, from one another. We are told in I Kings chapter 11 how king Solomon turned to the idols of his 700 wives and concubines. In I Kings 11:11 – 11:12 Yahovah tells king Solomon that after he dies He will tear the kingdom from his son. In I Kings 11:28 – 11:37 He tells Jeroboam (from the tribe of Ephraim) that when the kingdom is torn apart that he will be king over ten of the tribes, leaving just two tribes (Judah and Benjamin) for the son of Solomon. The tribe of Levi at this time is spread out through all of Solomon’s kingdom. Yahovah does warn Jeroboam, however, in I Kings 11:38, saying, “Then it will be, IF you will hearken unto all that I command you AND will walk in My Ways AND to that which is right in My Eyes, to listen KEEP My Commandments [Torah], as David My bondservant did, that I will be with you and will build you a sure house as I built for David and will give Israel [the lost 10 tribes, Messianics] unto you.” King Solomon hears of this and seeks to kill Jeroboam, who then flees to Egypt until the death of king Solomon. After king Solomon dies Rehoboam his son becomes king. But he does not listen to the lost 10 tribes of Israel that complain of high taxes and heavy forced labor burdens put on them. Then in I Kings 12:1 – 12:16 the 10 Tribes [northern part of the kingdom] rebel and establish the Kingdom of Israel with Jeroboam [who has returned from exile in Egypt] as their king and separate themselves from the Kingdom of Judah led by Rehoboam. I Kings 12:19 tells us, “So Israel rebelled against the house of David [kingdom of Judah] unto THIS DAY.” In I Kings 12:26 – 12:27 we l

earn that Jeroboam was afraid that the people of his Kingdom of Israel would kill him an

d rejoin the Kingdom of Judah if they continued to go Jerusalem to worship Yahovah on Shabbats and Feast Days of Yahovah. In I Kings 12:28 – 12:33 we learn that Jeroboam then sets up two Golden Calves [the same calf (with the sun between its horns) as they worshiped at Mount Sinai, when Yahovah killed the 3,000 who did so]. He set one up in Bethel [just north of Jerusalem] and the other in Dan [up near the presents day Syrian border at the Golan Heights]. He appointed priests that were not Levites [illegal priesthood]. The Levites then fled to the Kingdom of Judah, so those called “Jews” today are from three tribes, Judah, Benjamin and Levi. He also began creating his own feast days in disobedience to Yahovah [Present Christmas and Easter]. Doing these things, Golden Calf [Sunday worship], having a non-Levitical [illegal] priesthood and worshiping God on days not appointed by Yahovah, [i.e. Sunday, Christmas, Easter, etc.] became known all through I and II Kings as the “Sins of Jeroboam”, which the kings and the people of the Kingdom of Israel [10 northern tribes] would never depart from. Even when the kings and people of the Kingdom of Israel would turn from their most evil practices, they NEVER repented of the “Sins of Jeroboam”. Yahovah then punishes the Kingdom of Israel by having the Assyrians defeat them, removing them from their land and scatter them throughout the Assyrian Kingdom. They were not allowed to keep their language, religion or culture. This was all prophesied in the Book of Hosea. In Hosea 1:1 Yahovah tell Hosea to marry a harlot named Gomer. She gives birth to three children. The first was a son name Jezreel. The name means “to scatter, as s

Messianic kingdom of israel
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eed” and the Kingdom of Israel was utterly defeated in the valley of Jezreel in 721 BC and scattered in the world by the Assyrians. The second was a daughter named Lo-Ruhamah. The name means “no compassion”, Yahovah had no compassion on them in their defeat. And the third was a son name Lo-Ammi. The name means “Not My People”, for Yahovah divorced the 10 tribes of Israel, saying in Hosea 1:9, “For you are not My People and I will not be your God.” Thus, the 10 tribes of Israel became known as the “10 Lost Tribes of Israel”. In Ezekiel 4:4 – 4:5 Ezekiel is told to lay on his left side 390 days, this being the number of years that Yahovah would punish the “House of Israel”

[northern 10 tribes] for their iniquity. But in Leviticus 26:18 Yahovah says, “And if you, in spite of these things, will not listen to Me, then I will chastise you seven times more for your sins”. These two quotes of the Bible are important to note. For the Kingdom of Israel was total number of years that Yahovah punished the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel, because they never repented [even unto this day] of the “Sins of Jeroboam”. Now if you subtract 721 from 2730 you end up with the year 2009. This is the beginning of the explosion in growth of the Messianic Hebrew Movement, where Christians [10 Lost Tribes of Israel], are turning away from the “Sins of Jeroboam”

and returning to the Torah of Yahovah, as they are no longer “Not My People”, but are now once again called “My People”. This punishment includes, as described in Hosea 1:9; Not knowing who you are [Hebrews], and described in Deuteronomy 4:27 – 4:28; Worshiping gods of wood and stone [statutes of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Peter, supposed Saints, etc.], and describe in Hosea 9:3; Eating unclean foods. And described in Hosea 9:4; Their worship systems would not be as Yahovah wants but as they want and not acceptable to Yahovah.

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