The Lost 10 Tribes Are Protestants a Continuation Of The “Sins of Jeroboam”?

Are Protestants a Continuation of the “Sins of Jeroboam”?

lost 10 tribes Yashua [ Jesus ]
Mt Jabal al-Lawz (The Real Mount Sinai)

First we must define three Greek words. The First is Nomos. When the Torah was translated into Greek the Scribes tried to find a word in Greek that matched Torah. The closest they found was Nomos, that means “every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the king”. But Torah is more than that, its root is an archery term meaning to “hit the target”, or in other words, it is the instructions of Yahovah on how we can “hit the mark” and live in holiness as He does. When Nomos was translated into English the translators chose Law, which we see as restrictions and not as instructions on how to live. The second is Playroo. In Greek this does NOT means to do away with anything but to “verify, imbue, fill up or correctly teach”. The third is Stauros. In the New Testament when it states that Yashua [ Jesus ] was nailed to a cross, that word in Greek is Stauros. Stauros means [stake or pole NOT cross]. When Yashua    [ Jesus ] came He says to a Canaanite woman in Matthew 15:24, “I was not sent but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” He did not have to “find” the sheep of the House of Judah as they were never “lost”, but the House of Israel, the Lost 10 Tribes were indeed “lost”. So much so that they thought (and still do) that they are “Gentiles” and not even Hebrews. Yashua [Jesus] also said, in Matthew 5:17, “Do not think that I came to do away with the Nomos [Torah, Law] and the Prophets. I came not to abolish but to play

roo [verify, imbue, fill up, correctly teach] it.” Hebrews 13:8 also reminds us that, “Yashua the Messiah [Jesus Christ] the same yesterday and today and forever.” Yashua [ Jesus ] did not come to “change” anything, but to correctly teach us about Himself and His Word [Torah and the rest of the Bible]. Also, it is good to remember that both the Jews and Gentiles that became believers in Yashua [ Jesus ] did so on the words of the “Old Testament” as the “New Testament” would not come into existence for over a hundred years after the death and resurrection of Yashua [ Jesus ]. Since the Lost 10 Tribes were still under the punishment described above in Ezekiel and Leviticus. This means that though Yashua [ Jesus ] came and correctly taught Torah, only Judah could take it fully to heart and that Ephraim could only accept it within the framework of the punishment still in force. Thus, even though all of the believers in Yashua [ Jesus ] kept the Sabbath and the Feast Days of Yahovah for the first 300 years after Messiah, at some point the Jewish [Judah] and the Gentile [Ephraim] believers would have to split into two belief systems. Thus in 325 AD at the council of Nicaea Emperor Constantine gathered all of the religious leaders of the Roman Empire and got them all to agree on a new Religion, the Roman Catholic [Catholic means universal] Religion with him as its leader. Yes, Constantine NOT Peter was the first Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Peter NEVER went to Rome. Constantine outlawed all Biblical Feast Days of Yahovah as well as the Sabbath To remove what he called the Jewish influence from this new Religion. He banned the keeping of the Sabbath and replaced it with Sunday worship. This was because he was (and remained) a worshiper of Mithra Sol Invictus [Mithra the Unconquered Sun God]. The symbol of Mithra is a “Halo” behind the head with rays of the sun coming from it. As emperor of Rome he considered himself to be a god and infallible. Thus the title he assumed as Pope was “Holy Father”, a title reserved for Yahovah alone and he declared that anything he said was infallible. Every symbol of the Catholic Church is Pagan. From the Halo and sun rays of Mithra in Catholic paintings, to the Pope’s Miter which is the head of Dagon the Fish God and all the statues of pagan gods they have renamed; Peter [Jupiter], Mary [Isis] holding the baby Jesus [Horus], adult Jesus [Apollo], etc. The cross is a symbol of many pagan sun gods and Yashua [Jesus] was not put on a cross but a single stake or pole [Greek Stauros, meaning stake or pole]. Vatican city is built on the hill of Cybele, Ashtoreth the goddess of fertility, sexuality and war and the Pope’s skull cap is the skull cap worn by the sun priests of Egypt. Many years later when people began to realize that the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope were not following the Bible they began to “protest” the ways of the Roman Catholic Church and the abusive power of the Pope. Thus began the Protestant Reformation, because they “protested” the authority of the Pope and believed that the Book of Revelation pointed to the Pope and the Catholic Church as types of be

ast and false prophet described therein. Though the many hundreds of years of the Protestant Reformation and the formation of the many Protestant Churches that have separated themselves from the Roman Catholic Church, there still remained one big problem. They NEVER repented of the Sins of Jeroboam. The Roman Catholic Church sees the Protestant Churches that still keep the days the invoked that are not Biblical [Sunday, Christmas, Easter, etc.], as indications that they are the “daughters” of the “mother”, the Roman Catholic Church [ lost 10 tribes ].

Messianic Hebrew
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The Messianic Movement and Return to the Way of Yashua [Jesus]

The Messianic movement is very simply the return to the worship of Yahovah/Yashua [Jesus] as was done by the early believers in the first hundred years after Yashua [Jesus] was on Earth. It is stated in The Book of Acts 15:20, that the minimum requirements for the new believers that were returning to God and believed that Yashua [Jesus] is the Messiah and that wanted to attend Shabbat services in the Messianic Congregations is “…that they abstain from the pollution of idols [worshiping statues], fornication and from things strangled and from blood [keep kosher as described in Leviticus Chapter 11].” But that is not all that was expected for Act 15:21 states, “For Moses [Torah] from generations of old has in every city them that preach him [read from the Torah], being read in the synagogues every Sabbath.” We in this Messianic movement therefore keep the Sabbath and the Feast days of Yahovah as described in the Torah. We eat only those things that the Bible [Leviticus Chapter 11] says are proper to eat. We base our lives and our worship of Yahovah/Yashua [Jesus] purely on the Word of God, from Genesis to the Book of Revelation. And NOT on the customs of any man or religious system. Yahovah/Yashua [Jesus], in the Book of Revelation Chapter 17:5, describes the harlot as “Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Prostitutes and the abomination of the Earth”. And in 17:9, as “the seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits.” And Rome is called the city of seven hills, the hills also represent seven kingdoms she will rule over. The Lost 10 Tribes are no longer “lost” and are no longer “not My People”. That is why Yahovah tells us in the Book of Revelation 18:4, “Come out of her [the Harlot Church of Rome and Her Daughters] MY PEOPLE. That you have not fellowship with her [the Harlot Church of Rome and Her Daughters]. And the you not receiver of her [the Harlot Church of Rome and Her Daughters] plagues.”

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